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Welcome . . .
to the website of award-winning  fine-art photographer Dale Walton.  We urge you to visit all of its diverse galleries. Many of the photographs here were featured in public exhibitions and have garnered critical acclaim. In them can be seen the influences not only of photographers like Adams and Aubry, but painters ranging from Monet to Pollock.

Abstract Art
Hope Valley
Monterey Bay
Mono Lake
Malakoff Diggins
Old Town
St. Croix
Capture the Moment

Dale Walton draws on his unique eye for light and composition to spontaneously capture eclectic settings. Subjects range from locales in California’s Sierra Nevada to St. Croix Island in the Caribbean Sea. Dale is a pioneer of high dynamic range
(HDR) imagery, which enables him to capture the range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image in a way not possible using standard digital imaging or photographic methods. Prints of all his photographs are available for purchase.  See Contact Us for details.
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