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About Dale Walton Photography

about Dale WaltonDale Walton brings to fine art photography a passion for rural and city landscapes inspired largely by locales in Northern California. His subjects are diverse: mountains, forests, city streets, buildings, waterfronts, abandoned machinery, and more. Shots range from close-ups to panoramas.

Northern California localesWalton became a serious photographer a decade ago and was an early student of high dynamic range (HDR) imagery. His mastery of HDR enables him to capture Nature’s colors with sensitivity on par with "The Eye" of Monet. Consider, for example, the range of hues in the water of the photograph “The Little Green Dinghy” (St. Croix 1).

Old Sacramento
The Artists' Collaborative gallery in historic Old Sacramento is more than three decades old and features the work of 30 award-winning artists.

Walton often discovers iconic images of modern art imitated by the forests, fields and city streets he photographs. For instance, compare his photograph “Dance of the Leaves” (Hope Valley 2) with Jackson Pollock’s painting “Convergence,” or his “Cattails” (Malakoff Diggins 3) with Pollock’s “Autumn Rhythm No. 30.” On a less complex note, Walton’s camera frames the façade of a building In “Half Red” (Abstract 2) reminiscent of Minimalist works by Frank Stella and John McLaughlin.

“To see what the camera sees and what your mind’s eye desires for a final image is an art to be learned,” Walton observes. “Although I go into the field with ideas of what I want, there will always be an opportunity that will present itself. The idea is to capture the moment.”

Mr. Walton is a member of the Folsom Arts Association and a member of the Artists' Collaborative Gallery. He exhibits at various art shows and galleries throughout Northern California. His work is also on display at the Artists' Collaborative Gallery in Old Sacramento, where he works on a regular basis.

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